How Ayurvedic Massage Therapy Can Help in Easing Pain?

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy Can Help in Easing Pain

According to Mayo Clinic in USA, studies of massage benefits have found massage can lessen pain and muscle tightness. There are different types of massages out there, some are relaxing, while others, like deep tissue massages, might feel a bit painful. But have you ever given Ayurvedic massage a try?

Ayurvedic massage therapy is known for its amazing ability to relieve chronic pain. It’s become really popular among people dealing with pain and anxiety.

Want to learn more about what Ayurvedic massage is and how it can help? Keep reading!

How Can We Address And Cure Chronic Pain?

There is no universal approach to managing chronic pain. There is no set protocol for managing diseases that frequently accompany chronic pain among medical practitioners. Several therapies are available after the underlying problems are found. Psychotherapy, medication therapy, and physiotherapy are a few instances of protocols for lower back pain. The usual course of regimens for those with chronic pain includes medication, surgery, therapy, and rehabilitation techniques.

Frequent Ayurvedic massage therapies have been shown to be beneficial in treating persistent lower back pain, with results that last for at least half a year. This kind of massage is very helpful for people with chronic pain since it relieves tension and promotes relaxation at the same time.

Understanding Back Pain And Arthritis in Ayurveda:

In Ayurveda, arthritis and back pain are believed to stem from an imbalance in the body’s doshas, mainly Vata and Kapha. An excess of Vata leads to dryness, stiffness, and joint cracking, while an imbalance in Kapha results in swelling, heaviness, and aching pain. The Ayurvedic strategy centers on restoring dosha balance, enhancing digestion, lessening inflammation, and fortifying the joints.

Why Ayurvedic Massage Alleviates Pain?

Massaging an area with edema aids in relieving pain, inflammation, and related symptoms by enhancing localized circulation. Activation of tactile and temperature sensations in specific dermatomes triggers corresponding nerve fibers, leading to a reduction in pain sensations.

According to Ayurvedic principles, a massage stimulates the Tiryak Vaha Dhamani located at the pores of hair follicles. When medicated oil permeates these tiny pores, it helps diminish the accumulation of imbalanced Vata elements. The direct action of oil, with its oily and warm properties, contributes to normalizing this Vata imbalance, making Ayurvedic body massage highly advantageous for pain relief.

Managing Pain with Ayurveda:

In Ayurveda, the focus is on eliminating the imbalanced byproducts to enhance the body’s functionality through authentic Panchakarma procedures. Ayurveda herbal massage plays a crucial role in all Panchakarma processes, where external oleation is a vital step in initiating detoxification. Abhyanga, or external oil massage, comes in various forms tailored to the dominance of doshas and the extent of imbalances in tissue elements.

Ayurvedic massage techniques encompass Udvarthanam, a dry powder massage. When this powder is combined with oil, often done to reduce its harsh effects on the skin, especially in older individuals, it is referred to as Utsadana. Additional Ayurvedic massage forms include Mardana, Unmardana, Patana, and Chooshana.

Seeking Pain Relief through Therapy?

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