Exploring Kerala Ayurvedic Center: 3 Relaxing Massages To Try

Ayurveda herbal massage 

Feeling worn out and achy after a hectic day is totally normal. Whether you’re stuck at a desk all day or constantly on the go, your body can take a beating. That’s where a soothing Kerala Ayurvedic relax massage therapy comes in to rescue you.

In this blog, we’ll chat about three types of Ayurvedic massages you should totally treat yourself to next time you swing by the Kerala Ayurvedic Centre.

1. Garshana – Rejuvenate and Shed Pounds!

Here’s a special Ayurvedic healthful massage therapy for you. Unlike many other massages in this tradition that rely heavily on oils, Garshana is dry. The therapist wears silk gloves and gives you a thorough massage with firm pressure and lively movements. It’s believed to help break down fat and promote lymphatic drainage. Garshana also acts as an exfoliating massage, getting rid of dead skin cells and prepping your body to better absorb oil-based therapies.

2. Shirodhara – Stress Relief at its Best

They say it all starts in the head. So, it’s no wonder our noggin needs some extra love and care to recharge our senses. Enter the Shirodhara technique, a blissful way to ease stress and soothe the mind by pampering the scalp and forehead. As one of the five steps in the ‘Panchkarma’ process, it involves a gentle, continuous stream of calming liquids poured by a skilled therapist onto your forehead and scalp while you chill out on the table. The liquids used vary from herbal oils to milk and sometimes even coconut or plain water. Depending on what’s poured, it goes by different names like Ksheeradhara, Thakradhara, or Jaladhara.

3. Njavarkijhi – Detoxify and Unwind!

Combining the benefits of Ayurveda herbal massage and steam, this Ayurvedic therapy uses medicated herbs and small rice pouches to provide a revitalizing experience. After the oil is applied to your body, the therapist targets pressure points with pouches filled with a special rice called Njavara, which gives the protocol its name. Throughout the massage, these pouches are dipped repeatedly in cow’s milk and herbal paste to help the skin sweat and eliminate toxins. Besides being great skincare, it’s also an effective relaxation therapy.

Common Benefits Of Kerala Ayurvedic Massage

  • Boosts blood circulation, helping flush out toxins from tissues.
  • Eases physical and mental exhaustion.
  • Alleviates muscle stiffness and pain while also lubricating joints to reduce inflammation.
  • Abhyangam, in particular, loosens muscle tightness and spasms while enhancing blood flow.
  • Enhances mental relaxation for improved sleep.
  • Nourishes and refines skin texture.

Where’s the Best Place for Kerala Ayurvedic Massage in Dubai?

Kerala Ayurvedic Massage is a big hit in Dubai, and you’ll find plenty of centers offering it around the city. But for top-notch therapy and maximum benefits, head over to Kottakkal Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre. They customize therapies to suit your health needs perfectly. Swing by the center to chat with their practitioners and learn more about pricing.

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